My first foray into the world of the blog.

Hello, come in and sit down, put your feet up. Can I get you anything, a tea or coffee maybe? Make yourself at home while I put the kettle on.

I’m Jordan, and I recently started doing stand-up comedy. I had my fourth gig last night, and am quite enjoying myself. Anyway, I thought I’d start a blog and write about how it’s going, in case anyone anywhere is even vaguely interested. So far, I’ve performed my five minute set at The Halt Bar and The Buff Club, been gonged off after 1m05s at the Scottish Comedian of the Year Gong Show, and played to an indifferent crowd in the infamous Victoria Bar. Videos of my first and latest sets exist, but I’ll link to those in due course.

For now, I’m off to find out if people ‘friend’ you on here, or ‘follow’ you, or if there’s any way to work out if anyone is actually reading anything I write. In the meantime, feel free to say hello and offer any helpful hints or tips you think of – this is a new world for me.



About Jordan

I try to write engaging, witty, clever things. Sometimes I manage. I've done some low-key stand-up comedy, & I post blogs about true daft experiences. View all posts by Jordan

2 responses to “My first foray into the world of the blog.

  • lolla

    You can ‘Subscribe’ to blogs if that’s what you mean?

    • jramills

      See, what the fuck – If I click on your name, it does nothing. The icon to the left of your name is just your “gravatar” page – don’t even start me on what the fuck THAT might be – if I click your email it tries to launch outlook, and if I click your IP address it just shows me all the comments posted from it (ie just this one).

      So, my question is, how the fuck do I find you to subscribe, given nothing I click takes me to your page??? This is a bigger pain in the arse than Twitter, grr.

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