Gig 38: The Halt Bar, 5th July 2011

Good gig tonight, I feel.

I’d only just posted the previous blog when it was time to head out to do my spot at the Halt tonight, so I hastily copied my set across and emailed it to myself so I could rehearse it on the bus. Totally shattered, and got a really sore throat thanks to all the air-conditioned trains, buses, venues, etc I’ve just endured. As such, my delivery was very slow and deliberate. I opened with my new line from Sunday’s gig, and accidentally missed a bit of my set out – but it wasn’t crucial and the set holds up fine without it.

Instead of ending with the Kevin Bridges anecdote, as half planned last week, I instead related the tale of my adventures with Combichrist and Mortiis, and performed in context the two introductory sets I’d written for both. Very happy with my pace and delivery tonight, and will hopefully have phone-shot footage up soon. Adam Struth commented on the completely different material and performance style I have adopted since he last saw me, which I think he liked. I definitely feel like I’m finally being myself on stage, much more than previously anyway.

Adam, Jamie Dalgleish and Allan Park all did new material which went well, and Ancient Annie was excellent as the compere. Darren Connell headlined, totally milking his musical intro. He did loads of ad-libbing, some hit some missed, and the sight of him dry-humping a bar stool with his trousers round his ankles will probably haunt my nightmares tonight.

After doing material about the gig on Sunday, I managed to get the Mortiis intro to play on my phone, to show the guys the bit where their guitarist Levi came and stood right next to me, silent and intimidating. Allan said “He’s telling you to get the fuck off the stage,” and although I knew that to be true I hadn’t heard it expressed quite so bluntly. Even though it kind of all came good in the end I still feel very embarrassed by it, and yet relieved that the message was conveyed so simply, subtly, and indisputably. It’s typical that there’s only that footage and the Combi intro – both of my earlier sets went really well and would have tipped the balance in my favour. Instead, the available footage walks the line between “Competent” and “Fuckwit” – even though both promoter and band seemed to be on my side after the fact. I guess time heals all wounds, and I just have to learn from it and move on.

I also made it to the final of tonight’s joke competition with a reference to my set – “What’s the difference between Rupert Murdoch and a Turnip? I got properly headbutted on Friday and I don’t really understand what’s happening? Combiconcussed.” It was eventually binned after the third reading, when the table behind me pointed out that it had ceased to be funny. Jokes are submitted anonymously, and Malky (of all people, if you know his reputation) made it to the last two. He removed his entry at that point, keeping things fair since he runs the gig.

Off to see Fast Romance tomorrow night, there’s a crowd of us going if you want to come along to the 20:40 Glasgow screening. It is beng pulled from cinemas on Thursday, a week early, in response to it being the holiday season and the middle of a heatwave. I suspect that, having had a successful opening weekend, it will look far better if they have filled cinemas for a week than if they had played for two weeks but to half-empty theatres. Please go and see it if you have the time, and while you have the chance. Everything else hinges on it doing well in its home country. It is playing in five of the seven Cineworld cinemas throughout Scotland, and you can book tickets online.

I’ll be on at the Bier Halle, Sauchiehall Street, on Sunday from 7.30pm. Not sure yet if I’ll be doing tonight’s set (which starts the same way but has ended with three different anecdotes on the three occasions I’ve used it), or if I’ll start working up one of my other ideas for routines. It’s free entry and there’s free pizza, so hopefully see you there.

Peace and jam 🙂


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