Working On A Short Film – Mine.

I’ve written a short film script about a stand-up comedian, and we’re filming it on Tuesday the 28th in a central Glasgow pub.

I had the idea early last year, jotted down some notes, and finally got round to working it into a proper script. This was in no small part thanks to Matthew Cowan and his company Production Attic, who are using downtime between contracts to make shorts. These serve as learning experiences, and also showcase their abilities. While playing a small part in their latest film, I thought to ask if he’d be interested in filming my idea – which benefits from low-cost measures like: a single location; a small cast; few props – and he agreed.

I’m looking to get about twenty volunteers to populate the audience. We start filming at midday, and Matthew reckons it will take a few hours to complete. All you need to do is sit, and laugh repeatedly. If you’re interested please get in touch through my facebook or twitter page. Unfortunately, like every short film in the history of ever, there’s no budget and I can’t pay you. Sorry. You’ll get credited though, and it’ll be something different to do if you’re off in the daytime. It’s also your first chance to see me squeezing back into the suit that last fitted me properly in about 2001.

Anyway, tomorrow I need to buy some cloth to make a backdrop, hire or make a noose, and pick up the ingredients for “vomit.” I’m looking forward to making the film, but more cautiously now I realise I have to learn lines and act, dress the set, and am responsible for not making 20 people bored to the point of hatred during the shoot…

If you want to be involved on Tuesday, drop me a line.


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