My Short Film Is Now Online.

It’s been a wee while in the making, and it’s not perfect, but you can now see the finished product here:

I’m pretty happy with it, the guys at Production Attic have done a good job. There are, of course, a few things I would change if we were to do it again.




I wish we’d filmed the vomiter a second time. We could have, because there was plenty of soup left (sorry if that shattered anyone’s illusions: it was soup), and we reviewed the footage at the time. It would have been a very simple matter to do it again, and hopefully capture the full effect – I watched this being filmed from the end of the bar, and it was far funnier and more graphic than what made the final cut. So I regret that I didn’t ask to repeat it, even though you can still tell what’s happening.

I had scripted in that we would see one person laughing, then see them again but closer in, then tighter on their face, then just their mouth. The idea was to lampoon the audience cutaways in DVDs where they show people laughing. I wanted to show one person laughing, but get nearer them each time as if trying to capture the exact place the laugh was emanating from. In the end, nobody volunteered to have their mouth filmed in close-up (can’t fault them, I’d be self-conscious too), and with time constraints too we just made do with what we had.

Finally, there was a slight issue with the sound that was recorded, and so all of the audio came from the camera’s on-board microphone. It’s been cleaned up slightly and had reverb added, which was the best that could be done with the existing source material.

I really like the stuff the guys added in post-production – the opening sequence (voiceover) looks good, and the black and white intro works beautifully as it fades into colour. The solitary laugher cracks me up, and they got an excellent noise for the “drop” at the finale. I also love that you only see the (permanently installed) mirrorball in the final shot – that cracks me up, as if it’s adding to the show’s culmination.

For my part, I knew the script better at the end of the day than I did at the start, and so it was filmed a page or half-page at a time. You can tell (well, I can tell) that I’m struggling to remember lines and words at certain points.


Fuck it, it is what it is. I like it. I hope other people like it too. I don’t know if it is clever satire or naive arrogance to mock people who have successful comedy careers and release DVDs, I just know that I’m bored of hearing the same targets mentioned, especially when they border irrelevance and especially when those same targets are picked on by complete newcomers.

I’d love this to go viral, and have a few places I hope to send it for viewings and a few people I hope will retweet the link and forward it on. In the meantime, if you like it and want to pass the link around, that’d be much appreciated. The tentative plans for the next film are already in place, where my target will be the music I listen to.

So aye. Hope you enjoy it.


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