My Short Film – First Reactions.

It’s about nine hours since I posted the link to my short film around Facebook, Twitter, and on a couple of forums. It’s had 208 views in that time, which I think is pretty respectable. I’d only hoped for half of that, and that was optimistic considering I’d posted it after the working day had ended and on a Friday evening.

It has been retweeted 14 times directly, linked into four other retweets, had four shares on Facebook, and has generated only positive feedback. So I’m grateful that people have taken the time to comment favourably, and equally grateful that if anyone has hated it they haven’t wasted the time to let me know.

Most folk who got in touch simply said they’d enjoyed it, but it has also been described as “amazing work”, “absolutely brilliant”, and “an absolute belter.” All very humbling, as were the couple of people who said they’d laughed lots and the one that said “had me pissing myself man, very well done.”

The Stand have posted it and invited comment, and I’ll be very interested to see what the overall response is – as I said previously, I have no idea how well it will be received (or not) by the wider comedy community. Ultimately, I don’t have any ambitions with it – I’d like to see it incorporated into Chortle’s Weekly Trivia File next Friday, and screened at a dedicated Comedy Film night coming up in Edinburgh in July, but that’s about it. There’s been talk of a potential booking off the back of it, which will involve scripting a new ending and probably lengthening the main body so that it comes in closer to five minutes. The film doesn’t even last that long and it has music, cutaways, credits, and an introduction…

If you are interested, by the way, when I mention brand names in the film I deliberately chose the two I did. It’s my own very subtle homage to the legendary Bill Hicks, and his bit about the commercials they’d make if they could. I think it’s on “Relentless” but I can’t find the clip online just now.

I’m not going to post daily updates on the film’s progress, but I might fire another one up in a week if there have been any developments worth mentioning. In the meantime, please watch it and share it. Thank you.


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