Cunt Of The Week – A Guest Blog

As mentioned in my previous blog, I was asked by Jamie Andrew to provide an article for his site. The premise is simple – every week, a guest writer nominates his or her cunt of the week, explaining why the title is applicable.

I like the idea, but never quite got round to submitting one, and over the weekend Jamie got in touch and asked if I would fill his slot, so to speak. Without too much thought, I duly started writing about an incident that was in the news at the time.

You can read the result by following the link, complete with pictures and a short biography which Jamie enhanced.
My Cunt-of-the-Week blog.




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I try to write engaging, witty, clever things. Sometimes I manage. I've done some low-key stand-up comedy, & I post blogs about true daft experiences. View all posts by Jordan

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