Gig 79: SCOTY Heat, Dram, 15th September 2012

This was my third year of entering the Scottish Comedian Of The Year competition, and I still waited until the afternoon of the day in question to prepare my set. It was a relatively simple matter of collating the best of all the stuff I’ve ever done, or the bits I like best, and assembling them into some semblance of order.

I had a few friends in the same heat, and only Eddie Cassidy’s name bothered me – he has finalised the past twice, as far as I remember. So has Graham Mackie, but he didn’t make this heat for whatever reason. I wasn’t quietly confident, that would be pushing it, but I knew that I could at least hold my own.

The running order had been decided in advance, making me the last act on – of nine who showed up. That gave me plenty of time to see how everyone else did, and worry about my own set. Worried inasmuch as I wanted it to flow, and not make it blatant that I was having to read the aides-memoires straight off the back of my hand. After two years, I’d like to kid on that I can appear professional when required, despite the lack of preparation mentioned above serving to highlight my decidedly amateur approach to the whole thing.

Eddie comfortably walked away the outright winner, but there were four of us who had good sets and so it was too close for me to call. In the end, two went through and David Black and I didn’t, although compere and promoter Alan Anderson made a point of congratulating and commiserating with us from the stage.

There is a compilation video made of every heat, and this is the one I’m in – about halfway through, doing my Glasgow Music bit. The build-up is a bit slow this time, but the pay-off worked very well.




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2 responses to “Gig 79: SCOTY Heat, Dram, 15th September 2012

  • Thomas Stott

    Heya, just browsing around links from people’s signatures in scottishcomedyforum. Saw this one and thought, oh, that’s a chap I was speaking to in Che Que Bo earlier this week. Thought I’d say hi, keep on bloggin’ etc

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