SCOTY Semi-Final

Having spent very little of this year writing or performing comedy, partly through disillusionment and partly due to both laziness and other things taking priority, I am now genuinely excited for my gig this Tuesday.

Having failed to win through my heat in the Scottish Comedian Of The Year competition, I was flattered to be awarded one of the three “wild card” places in the semi-finals. These are reserved for acts that don’t win the audience vote at their heat, but who the promoter – well, I would say likes, but I’m not really sure of the criteria. I don’t really care either, I’m not reading that deeply into it. The upshot is, I’ve been invited to take part in my first comedy competition at a stage beyond the preliminary rounds.

I’ve decided to resurrect some of my favourite jokes from my old and earliest sets, and channel all my existing disillusionment (with comedy, and with the world at large) into appropriate material. There are strong contenders on the bill with me, but I know that on a good night most of us are pretty evenly matched. Not that I have a particularly competitive streak anyway – it’d be brilliant to go through, but since I class most of the acts as friends it’s no great loss if they go through instead. I’m just looking forward to putting together a set of tried-and-tested material, and plan to just apply myself and hopefully have a good gig.

So aye. Obviously I’m writing this as a means of procrastinating, but I do intend to pull out my best and favourite material for this one. It’s on Tuesday 16th, at 8pm. Details here.


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