Guest Appearances, Music Videos, And Comedy.

Somewhere in the region of a month ago, Ross Main requested extras for a music video he was making with my occasional collaborators at the Production Attic. It was a narrative illustration of his song “Johnny Three Balls”, sung in the guise of his acclaimed alter-ego Dogshit Johnson.

I volunteered, willing as ever to help my friends out with their creative projects. I am also appreciative of the people who gave their time to appear as extras in my own video, when we filmed “Jerry Generic“, so this was a karmic way to pass the favour on. It’s a good thing I felt that way, as it was a weekday during working hours and it transpired that I was the only person able to turn up besides Ross (in character) and Geoff Gawler who was assuming the title role.

It would be funnier anyway, it was agreed on the day, that the crowd shot of people dancing would be reduced to shots of an enthusiastic  audience of one. Me.

As requested, I dressed “hick” in an open checked shirt over a white t-shirt, on top of my jeans. I slicked my hair back – followers of this blog will notice that I have long since abandoned my once-infamous mohawk and have been growing my hair out for the past eighteen months. The result is something that is usually tied back into a ponytail, which has led to more comparisons to Steven Seagal than I wish to count, but which I was able to comb and spray into something resembling a mullet. The look was finished with the addition of a stick-on moustache.

They shot footage of me dancing for the entire duration of the three-minute song, pulling out and creating all manner of ridiculous moves. I later said to the director that people will watch this and think either that I am fearless, or that I am an idiot. He suggested it might be both. Fearlessly idiotic. Whether you think I am brave, or stupid, this video will probably reinforce your opinion.

With nobody else available for the other roles, I stepped in to look annoyed next to “Johnny” at the bar, and also played his foil in the shot where he lays down his hand of cards. I think the term Supporting Artist applies fully in this instance. I had fun. There were other days of filming with just Ross and Geoff, and the result is every bit as impressive as I would expect from all those involved.

Dogshit’s solo show is on at The State Bar on Friday 15th March. Tickets are £6, and you should go. He’s one of the best acts out there at this level, and one of the only character acts I enjoy watching.

The video is here:


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