Further Adventures For Jerry Generic

I was asked by Jo Caulfield to appear in her “Comedy Collective” show at Edinburgh’s Stand last summer, in character as Jerry Generic.

Although she couldn’t make the gig due to a work commitment, her husband (and I think manager) was there, and he very much enjoyed it. He gave me words of encouragement, and I was humbled by how highly he spoke of it.

I was very flattered when, at the tail end of last year, he asked permission to screen the film at their new storytelling night, “Speakeasy.” I agreed immediately, and early last month I sent a disc off. My short film will be screened this Tuesday, 9th April.

Also on the bill are Grant Stott (who I most vividly remember from my childhood weekend viewing of “Wemyss Bay 902101) and psychologist and magician Professor Richard Wiseman (whose weekly puzzles posted to his blog have been a source of entertainment for some time now.)

There will be stories or sets from JoJo Sutherland, Andrew Learmonth, and Gareth Waugh too, the evening compered by Jo Caulfield herself.

With a bill of that calibre, I’m hoping to make it along to see how my short is received.

Jerry Generic Speakeasy


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