About Me

Jordan R.A. Mills is a Glaswegian embarking on an adventure in Stand-Up Comedy, having previously written an unpublished novel (“Uberstardom”) and screenplay, various pantomimes, and worked in the props and carpentry departments in theatre, film and TV. My IMDB page is here.

This started as a personal record of the gigs I’d done, who I’d seen and what I’d learned, but I’ve tried to make it interesting for other people to read too. If you’ve enjoyed reading it, I accept comments, compliments, money and gigs. If you haven’t enjoyed reading it, sssh, don’t tell anyone.

I am available for children’s parties, provided your children are aged 18 or over.


The initials “R.A.” stand for the names of my two grandfathers, neither of whom I met, and having signed them in my name for over twenty years now, with reason, (and having taken flak that whole time from people who mistakenly see it as an affectation) I appreciate it if you don’t drop them from my name when writing it on flyers, line-ups, credits, and so forth. Thanks.



(C) 2011 All copyright in the blog remains mine. No articles may be used or reprinted without permission.


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