Here are a selection of other worthwhile blogs and articles for your reading pleasure:

Embrace The Absurdity
My other blog, in which I document absurd encounters or relay short anecdotes, as a means of coping with a world which makes no sense.

Things I’ve Learned As A Comedian
Jo Caulfield and dozens of guest writers list the dos and don’ts of comedy. Invaluable advice.

The Scottish Comedy Forum
A forum dedicated to finding gigs and advice, with banter and occasional wars of words. A good place to start.

Lessons Of Futility
John McGovern blogs about his experiences in comedy as he deals with being in a mental health ward.

Cunt Blog
My wee cousin coping with life by calling everyone and everything that infuriates her a cunt.

Cat Blog
My wee cousin’s cat writes about life as a cat. I suspect she helps with the typing though.

Jamie Andrew With Hands
Intelligent articles and rants from comedian and non-climber Jamie Andrew.

Dad Man Talking
A former theatre associate of mine wittily documents married life as a father of two small children.

Stand Up Comedy Gigs of 2011
John McGoldrick blogged about each gig as he did it, right up until the point that he got bored and stopped.

Scottish Comedy FC
A host of Scottish comedians writing about football, if that floats your boat. With podcast too.


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