Other Adventures: Short Films

Here is the first short to be made that was written by and “stars” me. “Jerry Generic: Modern Comedian” satirises the contemporary comedy scene.


I have a supporting role in the first music video made by Dogshit Johnson (Ross Main), which was also filmed and edited by the Production Attic team who made “Jerry Generic”.


I have, for a few years now, had an association with  http://www.ickleflix.com/, a Scottish independent film company who have just made their first feature film, a fantastic and funny romantic comedy set in and around Glasgow. You can read more about Fast Romance, and see the trailer, here.

I have built sets for them, some bigger than others, done some set dressing, led fit-ups and strikes of said sets, and appeared in three of their short films. Which you may be interested in seeing. All are directed (and largely written/co-written) by Glaswegian fight director Carter Ferguson. For further information, please see the information boxes on the specific videos posted below. And leave comments if you’re so inclined, thanks.

The Way: Five minutes of all-out action. I get taken out with a sword while lunging with a baseball bat.

Shadow Play: Fifteen minutes in two sections. I’m in this as the main ‘bad guy’, the one you can see, and built the set.

The Rage: 25 minutes in three sections, this is a fan film set in the world of 28 Days/Weeks Later. I’m halfway into ep 3, for milliseconds.

I hope you enjoy them, if so please support local independent film-making by ‘liking’ the facebook page for Fast Romance: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fast-Romance/235981955303


I’ve also worked on a short film by the director of Silver Tongues, Simon Arthur, called Rebel Song. This was my first ever film project, for which I constructed the entire three-sided house exterior, 3m square and 6m tall. It was built in Glasgow Sculpture Studios, then dismantled and rebuilt on location in the grounds of Culzean Castle. For some reason, I can’t post the video here, but you can watch the full fifteen minute short here.


Currently working on props for Episode Six of Revision too, you can watch the first five episodes here. Directed by Matthew Cowan, who has also filmed many of my stand-up videos thus far (which can be seen in the main blog for December 2010). Here is the trailer for Episode Six:



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