Reviews of my Stand-Up:

“Big, fond of absurdity and with more than a hint of menace, Glaswegian Jordan RA Mills is another rookie with potential. The punchlines don’t always land fully but he embraces the weird when he finds it and invents it when he doesn’t, crafting creative takes on such mundane topics as the clocks going forward.”

“You’ve got some nice lines.”
Adam Ethan Crow

“An 80% hit-rate of gags, which for a newbie is damn good, and the “Too soon?” comment after the Jesus gag was one of my favourites of the night”
Stu Who?

“You were fab…I loved your wee asides.”
Janey Godley

“A half decent Glaswegian open spot.”
Alan Anderson

“You did very well.”
Sandy Nelson

Your wee puns made me laugh so much! Especially “chi-anti terrorist laws” and “al dente you ya bam!” #genius”
Suzie McGuire, via Twitter

“Funny and scary in equal measure”
– Alasdair McDougall, Company Director at Ickleflix

“You did great fella, I’m glad a spur of the moment conversation…became a reality and that my faith in you wasn’t misplaced.”
– Frank D, Owner of Flag Promotions [Combichrist, London]

“You were brilliant mate! …You really put the cherry on the top of the gig.”
– Jon Briggs, of Flag Promotions [Combichrist, London]

“A nice change as I’ve never had anyone compere any shows I’ve done before but it worked, so thank you.”
– Leighton James-Thompson, of Revolution [Uberbyte vs. Eisenfunk, Sheffield]

“Thank f*ck i wasnt there coz im howlin at yer Gladiators stuff.”
Duncan McEwan (watching my videos)

“You even made me laugh, and you’re not funny.”
– My friend Rebecca.

Reviews of my Short Film (Jerry Generic: Modern Comedian):

“Absolutely Brilliant!”
“Funniest thing I’ve seen in ages.”
Jo Caulfield

“Loved it, fucking LOVED it. Well done, awesome film.”
Janey Godley

“No’ bad at all, some good ideas there, nicely filmed and edited too!”
Stu Who?

“Very funny and clever. Bravo!”
Julia Sutherland

“Really nice job. It’s always nice to think and find things that make you think.”
– Steven Halcrow

“Amazing work.”
Andrew Learmonth

“Had me pissing myself man, very well done.”
John McGoldrick

“Very funny, knowing and barbed.”
– Jamie Andrew

Reviews of this Blog:

“Nice blog.”
Jo Caulfield

“Your blog is written with a great sense of story.”
Sandy Nelson

“Jordan R.A Mills is a big, clever, mean-looking motherfucker from Glasgow, who writes, directs, acts and performs stand-up. This is his ‘Adventures in the World of Stand-up Comedy’ blog. It’s funny and engaging.”
– Jamie Andrew, linking to this.

“Great blog site you have.”
– Stevie Hamilton/ “Space Boy Junkie” on the Comedy Forum

“Really nice blog mate.”
– Steven Halcrow


3 responses to “Reviews

  • lolla

    I liked ““You even made me laugh, and you’re not funny.”
    – My friend Rebecca.”

    and about the twitter nutjob: why would anyone defend govan???

    • jramills

      Have you met Rebecca? She’s been at the Halt a few times. She genuinely said that. And meant it.

      Govan is alright, having lived there for two years I’d defend it (a bit), but this eejit made the leap from a well-known phrase to somehow I’m insulting her hometown. Fuck knows, clearly that chip on her shoulder is so big it’s affecting her vision.

  • lolla

    Um, i think so :).
    And yeah…i don’t like govan. spend like 1 hour there per year…on a subcrawl lol

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