Since there is presently no consistency in the naming of them on youtube, and they’ve been uploaded by different people, here are the videos I have of me if anyone’s bored enough to watch them. I try to add a new one every two months or so.

The Halt Bar, 7th May 2013. Filmed by DualFan Productions. First outing of all-new material, which needs work. Full stories here.

Dram (formerly Uisge Beatha), 15th September 2012. Filmed by Alan Anderson. This is a compilation from the SCOTY heat I was in, and you can see my ‘Glasgow Music’ bit get a mediocre response but then land well.

The Halt Bar, 1st May 2012. Filmed by Matthew Cowan. Brief interlude of material between acts, while compering. You can see my introductions to the first and second sections in the blog.

The Halt Bar, 24th January 2012. Filmed by Matthew Cowan. Material is work-in-progress.

The 13th Note, 26th September 2011. Filmed by Matthew Cowan. This set was performed hungover, on virtually no sleep, was only partially written and entirely unrehearsed. Don’t judge me on it.  It also ends in the middle of the best bit.

Envi, Liverpool, 11th September 2011. Filmed by Steven Halcrow. They didn’t like the “Random” set, you can tell by the absolute silence.

The Halt Bar, 5th July 2011. Filmed by Matthew Cowan, on his phone so the sound’s not great.

The Halt Bar, 21st June 2011. Filmed by Matthew Cowan.

Red Raw at The Stand, Glasgow, 10th May 2011. Filmed by Matthew Cowan.

The Bier Halle, 3rd April 2011. Filmed by Matthew Cowan. Playing to about 20 people, many of whom already knew my act. So barely any laughter compared to how it sometimes goes, and it didn’t help that the act directly before me had done stuff about the word “cunt” in Glasgow. I dream of one day having a video of a decent performance with a decent audience too.

The Flying Duck, 26th March 2011. Filmed by Matthew Cowan on his phone, so a lower quality. You can read the blog about this gig here.

The Halt, 1st march 2011. Filmed by Davie Burt. I’d just done The Stand, and raced up to The Halt to do the same set again as none of my friends got into Red Raw. The night was over-running, so I did my set fast and got off.

The Victoria Bar, 2nd December 2010. Filmed by Matthew Cowan. The first night of comedy at this pub, and the punters kept talking over us – hence the poor sound quality.

The Halt Bar, 2nd November 2010. Filmed by Matthew Cowan. My first ever stand-up gig, filmed for posterity and as a learning aid.


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