Writing CV

I write really off-kilter but traditional pantomimes, usually when commissioned, so if you want something that will appeal to all ages/budgets and different from the normal run-of-the-mill stuff, drop me a line.

I’ve always written, for as long as I can remember and probably longer. My parents were both involved with amateur dramatics, so there were always scripts lying around the house growing up. I got involved in youth theatres too, and it seems natural that I tried to write my own scripts. From the age of nine I would right a short pantomime annually for my sisters, cousins and me to perform for the adults on Christmas Day. You can see I was really cool even back then…

I also wrote terrible poetry, lots of it, in the last few years of Primary School, then lost all interest in writing (and reading) thanks to the woeful stuff we got hit with in Secondary School English classes. I got back into it around 1999/2000, when there were rumours of starting a band and I wrote some ‘lyrics’ (which have never been set to music). That got me back into it, and I’ve been writing on and off ever since, including all the ‘lyrics’ for my electro-nonsense music project AudioTwat. After a few years hiatus, during which I studied and passed some exams, I also began trying to write serious plays (as well as pantomimes) when I was 17 or 18.

I stopped again for a few years and did my degree, but started writing Cod Pantos (spoof pantomimes based on the shows I was working on at the time) which always went down well. And I also wrote a Brass Eye-inspired ‘documentary’ about pantomime, which I’m still quite proud of. We filmed it, and the footage exists somewhere though I don’t have a copy myself sadly. Anyways, that, and having a few contacts in theatre etc, means my writing CV reads thus:

2012 – Had the audio of “Jerry Generic”, the short film I wrote, included in The Comedy Unit’s “Rough Cuts” podcast. S02E04.

2012 – Online release of “Jerry Generic”, a short film I wrote about hack stand-ups. Received positively, some of the comments are on my Reviews page.

2010 – Rewrote “Uberstardom” as a 70,000-word novel. Gathered some excellent feedback, see here. Still unsold though. Redrafted the screenplay and sent it out too.

2009 – Wrote “Uberstardom” as a screenplay, and redrafted three times. Sent it to a couple of TV/film actors but got no real response.

2009 – Was invited to submit a pantomime to a theatre in New York City. It’s still under consideration for performance in 2011.

2009 – Wrote the musical (an out-of-season pantomime) “The Friendly Five and the Last of the Teenage Idols” for a local high school.

2008 – Wrote the pantomime “Cinderella” for same local high school.

1999 –  Shortlisted in final ten in the Big Breakfast’s Write On! Competition, of 750 entries.

1998 – Wrote the pantomime “Wee Fred Ridinghood” for a local youth group.

And that’s the most notable stuff, obviously I have journals full of lyrics/poetry, notes and sketches, jokes and ideas, all accumulated over 15 years or so (I lost the early stuff).


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